Data driven analytical tools for the Tax and Customs board (2017)

The CITIS team has built a set of taxation data analysis apps for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The project’s aim was to build monitoring, forecasting and impact assessment tools using raw tax (VAT and social tax) declaration data on all Estonian companies between 2002-2016. These declarations are submitted on a monthly basis by around 166 000 entities subject to taxation.
This data comprises the whole universe of the Estonian economy. CITIS team built a total of seven prototype apps: 1) a real time dashboard of the economy, 2) a machine learning time series forecasting app to produce future turnover values for all sectors of the economy, 3) an app estimating the export probability of individual companies, 4) a benchmarking tool allowing companies to compare themselves against competitors over a range of KPIs, 5) a network analysis tool allowing to estimate impact of company folding on, 6) a tool allowing to model how company level subsidies influence business volumes with suppliers, 7) a tool allowing to evaluate individual company health and survivability metrics. All apps were built to work in real time as declaration data is updated. The project was noted by the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry.

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