Center of IT Impact Studies is an integrated teaching and research center at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies of the University of Tartu, Estonia, founded in 2015. The core idea of this center is to use big data generated by various Estonian public e-services (like internet voting, mobile parking, e-health, digital ID, e-residency, etc) to estimate the impact those services have economically, politically and socially. In doing so, CITIS focuses on quantitative research methods and econometric modelling. Its team values measurement, precision, accuracy, and high scientific standards.

Through the creation of new courses and various teaching activities, CITIS researchers also contribute to the development of a new generation of analysts and scientists, dedicated to understanding and improving the way that public e-services impact the daily functioning of the state. Lessons learned from Estonia are in turn helpful in promoting and developing public e-services internationally.

In addition to research and teaching activities, CITIS team aims to contribute to the development of the e-state directly by creating and testing prototypes for new e-services, based on the cross-usage of existing data. 


Märten Veskimäe

+372 737 6141

Andres Võrk

Analyst and Lecturer in Econometrics
+372 737 6141

Kristjan Vassil

Senior Researcher in Technology Studies
+372 737 5338

Mihkel Solvak

Senior Researcher in Technology Studies
+372 737 6141

Taavi Unt

Junior Research Fellow in Mathematical Statistics

Guest researchers

Dmitri Rozgonjuk

Doctoral researcher (Psychology)