E-voting study (2005-2019)

On top of applied work the CITIS is also responsible for conducting the Estonian e-voting study - a study using cross-sectional post-election surveys of the voting eligible population since the first e-enabled election in 2005. By now we hold survey data on all elections in Estonia where remote internet voting has been possible, a total of 11 nationwide elections so far between 2005-2019.
The latest parts of the study were conducted in March 2019 after the parliamentary election and June 2019 after the European Parliament elections. The combined database now holds data on 11 000 interviews covering a wide array of e-voter behavior on user experience, trust levels and familiarity with the e-voting systems and e-voting practice. This database is unique in allowing to study user experience and diffusion of e-voting in a country that pioneered e-voting and where close to 50% of all votes are given remotely over the internet. A book summarizing part of the findings over the years is available here

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