CITIS is dedicated to understanding and improving the way public e-services impact the daily functioning of the state. CITIS focuses on utilizing the autogenerated big data from various Estonian public e-services to estimate the impact those services have economically, politically and socially; on developing new, science-based e-services through the cross-usage of various databases; and on various teaching activities to disseminate these analytical skills. Head over to the About Us page to learn more about CITIS and its team.

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In this
MA thesis Anna Beitane examines the Latvian stance on introducing remote internet voting.
In this MA thesis (in Estonian with English abstract) Kerli Zirk examines if Estonian electronic voting is politically neutral.

This article, published in Government Information Quarterly by Kristjan Vassil, Mihkel Solvak, Alexander H. Trechsel and R. Michael Alvarez, analyzes the diffusion process of Estonian internet voting.

CITIS organizes courses, seminars and lectures, thus contributing to raising a new generation of analysts and researchers dedicated to the topic of e-services.


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