CITIS mini-course on Udemy - Introduction to Internet Voting

CITIS launches a mini-course on Udemy 
Online course “Introduction to Internet Voting” developed by the Senior Researchers in Technology Studies - Dr. Kristjan Vassil and Dr. Mihkel Solvak - is available on Udemy - an online teaching platform with 15 million active learners. Currently, this is the only University of Tartu MOOC offered at such a massive scale on the international online platform.

“Introduction to Internet Voting” is a mini-version of a 8-week MOOC  "Diffusion and Impact of Internet Voting" (SVJS.TK.003), which in the previous openings managed to attract more than 520 participants, from over 59 countries, coming from such places as the US, India, Russia, UK, Brazil, Iceland, Kenya and New Zealand. The regular 8-week MOOC is going to be open for the 3rd run on 9th of October, and is currently open for registration.

During the course students are going to learn about the main prerequisites for the evolution of e-government, how does a typical e-voter look like, how fast do people vote online and how is it related to their age.  The course will also examine whether e-voting is politically biased, how costs are related to the decision to vote and whether vote verification has increased trust towards e-voting.